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Create OpenID Identifiers Under Your Own Domain Names

If you are looking for the ability to create OpenID identifiers under your own domain names, easyID from easyDNS enables you to do just that. Creating unlimited OpenID identifiers under your own domain names is now just another benefit of hosting your DNS with easyDNS or using easyDNS as your domain registrar.

...or easily setup an OpenID account under

Creating a user account on easyDNS is always free, now you can use that account to easily create your own OpenID identifier under the domain name.

Don't worry, if you want to use OpenID under your own domain later you can always add a domain name and do so...

just by Creating an easyDNS account here.

We think single-sign on and open identity protocols are an idea whose time has come and we're prepared to put our money where our mouth is to help that happen.

openID for your own 
domain names via easyID / easyDNS